Being in a relationship is great and all, but have you ever been so single that you think you’re going to die alone?

*smiles uncomfortably*

Here are some memes that will hit you right in your single AF heart.

1. There can never be enough dick pics.

2. Sabh sookh chuka hai.

3. What’s the point in even trying anymore?

4. Satisfaction level: 0

5. Because putting your heart out there is a risky thing to do.

6. Error, error on the wall! Who’s the most single of them all?


7. It’s like a phobia!

8. When men on the internet find out I’m single.

9. Tinder Gold bhi kisi kaam nahi aaya.

10. Always on the waitlist.

11. Wow. I’m mesmerised.

12. I’ll live.

13. Stress is a perpetual state of my mind.

14. The heart never learns.

15. Special skills required.

16. Bahut mehnat hai yaar! 

17. I have no league.

 18. It’s soft and comfy!

 19.  Story of my life!


21. Akele hum, akele tum!

22. This is the best I can do.

23. *Smiles creepily* 

24. She’s very ‘handy’.

Swipe right, swipe left.