The thing about technology is that while it makes a lot of things (like cheating on your partner, for instance) easier, it is also going to complicate a lot of things. Like cheating on your partner!

And the latest way to catch unfaithful scum is here thanks to Durmet, a Spanish mattress company. They’ve come up with a smart mattress which detects “whenever someone is using your bed in a questionable way.” 

How it works? Well, if your partner invites someone over for some sexy time when you’re toiling away at work, you will get a notification on your smartphone. The product has been appropriately named as a smarttress. It costs $1,750 which roughly translates to ₹1,16,000. 

Here’s a video on how the smarttress works:

As the company website states: “If your partner isn’t faithful, at least your mattress is!”

Feature image sourced from patrasevents