As a woman, who is deeply in love, you should always know what your partner thinks of other women or women in general. There’s no doubt that misogyny is so deep-rooted, that a lot of actions don’t even strike us as misogynistic. And today, we stumbled upon a thread where people revealed some subtle signs of misogyny in a relationship.

Ready to see what people have to say? Keep reading!


1. “If they seem to get more worked up about false rape accusations than actual rapists.”

– PeachDream1

2. “When he complains about women in sports. Female athletes and sporting leagues should be seen as their own thing that operates in their own competition, rather than an extension of the men’s league.”

– little_cranberry5

3. “When he gets uncomfortable if she makes more money.”

– Noah_Pinyin

4. “When he prefaces things with “you might not get this” or “you might not understand this”. Yes, I am a girl. No, I am not an idiot.”

– This_Silent_Tragedy

5. “Asking about the number of sexual partners a woman has had.”

– productofoctober

6. “Mansplaining to me or belittling me in front of others.”

– Logical_KaleV

7. “When he repeatedly interrupts or talks over her.”

– Noah_Pinyin

8. “When a man constantly complains over stereotypical woman things and always has to win an argument or else their ego is tainted.”

– Anxious-Ad-4932

9. “When he says he will drive but not in a romantic way, more mockingly.”

– akubapamu

10. “When he doesn’t do his fair share of housework.”

– Noah_Pinyin

11. “I find it odd if they never let you pay for anything. If I have a career and I’m making a decent income, then I want to pick up the tab sometimes. It feels infantilizing if they insist on paying each and every time. Almost as though they don’t think you’re self-sufficient enough.”

– starskyandbutch

12. “If you mention something that is fact and they question you each and every single time, even if you have a solid track record.”

– coconutaf

Ladies, take notes and look out for these subtle signs in your next relationship!