Sometimes, the feeling of loss hits you when you least expect it. 

Human beings are always searching for better things. We are never satisfied and there is nothing wrong in that. But more often than not, better things come at the cost of loss. It could be something as simple as you trying to keep up with Twitter while sitting at the dinner table with your family. Or, something bigger like moving away from your family. 

You know what’s common in both of these situations? It is the fact that somewhere or the other, we all end up taking our loved ones for granted.


They’re always there for you and while you do acknowledge their presence, somehow, it doesn’t reflect in your actions. You are so busy prioritizing yourself over others that you overlook their unconditional love.

From your mom’s scolding to your little brother seeking advice from you, these are just a couple of things that stem from their concern and love for you.

By the time you realize that, it might be too late. Too late for you to have a regular dinner table conversation. Too late to say, “I love you.”

All that’ll be left will be regret. And your helplessness because you won’t be able to change anything! 


When it comes to relationships, the rule stays the same. Start taking your partner for granted and in no time they’ll walk away. 

You’ll probably not feel the increasing distance because in your head, everything is okay. She is still there for you. She still calls you every night to ask about your day. She still sends you cute selfies and a million kiss emojis, right? 

But when was the last time that you called her? Or when was the last time you even told her how special she was for you? If you can’t remember that ‘last time’, you’ve been taking her for granted for way too long. 

By now, she knows that she deserves better. She probably even regrets loving you, for all her love was going to the dumps. It might sounds cliched but the truth is that sustaining a relationship takes as much effort, if not more, as it took to establish it in the first place. 


You might’ve guessed it by now that the same story applies to friendships. 

When someone gives in their 100 per cent, the least we can do is acknowledge their effort. You don’t have to buy them expensive things to show that you care. Sometimes all it takes is a hug. In fact, even a simple WhatsApp message would do. The point is to make your loved ones feel wanted. 

You might not consciously know this but you’re dependent on them. 

Even if they’re little things like your mom asking you whether you’ve eaten or your partner telling you that you look nice. 

Subconsciously, you seek their validation. What you don’t end up doing is validating their gestures of love and care towards you.

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Everybody has a limit. It is up to you to not push them beyond that. For all you know, they might not be around the next time you genuinely need them!