The day before his wedding, this man reached out to his ex-girlfriend and sent her the most heartfelt, wholesome message. Twitter user @_xolexc shared screenshots of the message on the site, and the internet is collectively in their feels. 

Exes can be a tricky subject. Some of us don’t have the best equations with our exes. For most of us, having a amicable, pleasant relationship with our exes is a sign of maturity. And this man has nailed it. 

In the screenshots, the man (whose name has been edited out) thanks his former lover for helping him become a better person. The man also says that his fiancée is aware of this exchange. (Can we talk about how understanding this fiancée is? What a catch.)

I’m getting married tomorrow. (My fiance knows I’m sending this to you). Thank you for being my first love. Thank you for encouraging me, for keeping me out of trouble, for the times you took care of me when I was sick, and depressed…The way your heart is made it’s amazing. I know we were only kids when we dated but you taught me what love is…You taught me love, how to deal with my anger and depression and to live life to the fullest and I’m grateful for you. I wish you love and happiness. 

Obviously, Twitter was curious about what the user replied to her ex, and she shared her response too. 

Once the interaction was shared online, it spread like wildfire. The post has over 4 lakh likes and more than 95,000 retweets. People could not control their emotional reactions to this honest and mature interaction between two well-meaning exes. 

The best part is, she got invited to his wedding too. We love a mature relationship.