While travelling by the metro I have often seen a big jolly group of friends talking to each other in sign language. They grab my attention instantly and I just look at them, with a big smile on my face. I try not to make them awkward and in the process I get conscious myself. 

Really, love how friends don’t give a rat’s ass about what the world think about you. The KFC Friendship Bucket advertisement describes the strongest bond of friendship in the most simplest form ever. KFC’s new venture is aimed at celebrating all of our unique friendships.

Source: KFC India

The thing I liked most about it is the way they conveyed a beautiful message without any complications. It’s the everyday language and reactions that made it so relatable. 

We never appreciate our best friends with a straight compliment. And that’s completely okay. Who has the time for that? So, thank you guys at KFC for doing this on our behalf.