We can all agree on how beautiful falling in love is. From constant support to unlimited cuddles, life suddenly becomes all sunshine and rainbows. However, not all relationships are a blessing in disguise. Some relationships can unknowingly drain you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Today, we have compiled a list of some red flags in a relationship that may seem harmless at first but can actually be harmful for you in the long run. So, if you see any of these signs in your partner, run away.


1. They make fun of you in an ‘innocent way’. 

This might seem cute and romantic at first where you think your partner is hilarious and you might participate in a fun banter. However, if all your conversations include them putting you down in some or the other way, that’s just not harmless joking. It simply means that they don’t respect you and that’s a big red flag in your relationship. 

2. They text you all day, all the time. 

Keeping in touch for the entire day may sound romantic at first, but it can get really overwhelming at times. Imagine you being swamped with work and your partner constantly pinging you. Wanting to keep in touch or to know about your day is surely romantic and sweet but if they stop respecting your space then it is a red flag.

3. They criticize you because they want you to ‘grow’. 

It’s always a good thing when your partner clearly communicates about their feelings with you. However, it becomes an issue when they become overly critical about everything you do. From how you look and speak to how you behave, if they criticize you over every tiny thing, then it’s time to move on. 

4. They say that all their exes are crazy and clingy. 

The way your partner speaks about the people they once loved says a lot about them. It is one thing to have had a bad relationship and be critical of the past but if they disrespect or speak ill of their exes all the time, then that is a red flag. Notice how they talk about them and the language they use. If all of them are ‘crazy exes’, then you want to look into it.

5. They make you their priority and ignore everyone else for you. 

It may seem cute when your partner blows off their family and friends to hang out with you but it’s actually a red flag in reality. Your relationship may come before their other relationships at times, but not every single time. Down the road, this might become a bigger issue when you would want to spend more time with your family and friends. 

6. They get jealous and are extremely possessive of you.

Let’s be honest. We all get jealous and it is a normal human emotion. Therefore, this may seem innocent but is a serious red flag. If there is a constant pattern where they try to control you, stop you from meeting someone else because they are ‘jealous’ and can’t control their emotion, then it’s your cue to run away as fast as you can.

7. They call you better than someone else.

While this may sound like a cute compliment, it can be a red flag in reality. You are your own individual and if your partner says something like ‘you are not like other girls’, then it is not flattering. We are not commodities to be ranked. 

8. They make suggestions on how you can improve your life.

It may seem harmless and in fact supportive. But no. We all have flaws and your partner is not your life coach. If it is unsolicited advice, we don’t need it.

Now you know the potential red flags that you must not overlook in a relationship.