We’re either in one or forever trying to get in one. 

The most talked topics of them all, relationships certain make the world go round. Some are good and some are horrendous but when they end, all relationships leave a mark behind. 

However, while some of choose to mourn the end of a relationship quietly, all by ourselves, some others make it a point to let the whole world know that they’re going through a break-up. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, you’d agree that doing some things after a break-up just ain’t cool. More than anything else, these things make you look petty, lame and totally immature! 

Talking about your break-up with friends? Yes. Drunk dialing them at 2 in the night? Nah! 

Here are 11 absolutely ridiculous things people need to stop doing after a break-up: 

1. Unfriending your ex from social media. Or worse, blocking them!

This is petty. Like really, really petty! 


2. Deleting all the pictures of the two of you from Instagram. 

You went for a holiday a few years ago but now that you both aren’t together, doesn’t mean that the holiday should cease to exist, right?


3. Trash-talking your ex over and over again.

Life isn’t an episode of Gossip Girl. By doing this, you’re only proving just how immature you are!


4. Missing work just to sit at home, eat pizza and cry.

You can come back from work and still cry, you know?!


5. Hiding or turning the other way if you spot your ex in public.

You guys were in a relationship. So what if it is over? Unless you’re guilty of something, this is really silly. 

b’Source: myghillie’

6. Trying to make your ex jealous by posting pictures with someone else.

Stop watching too many stupid Hindi films, will you?


7. Putting up sad quotes on Instagram.

No one cares. NO ONE CARES!


8. Acting overtly friendly with your ex’s friends just to get some scoop on them.

How old are you, again?


9. Using casual sex as a way to get over your ex.

Do it for the sex. Not because you think it’ll help you get over your ex. 

PS: It won’t! 


10. Getting a ‘meaningful’ quote or phrase as a tattoo.

When the mourning period is over, that tattoo will forever remind you of your foolishness and immaturity! 

11. Intentionally going to places where you’re likely to see your ex. 

How does this help, anyway? 


Seriously guys, stop doing all this!