The idea of falling in love with someone and moving on to be in a relationship is exhilarating. But sometimes, it takes a wrong relationship to know what exactly you are looking for. That said, one needs to embrace all the good and bad parts of it. 

People on Reddit have listed down a few things you should never do in a relationship, and honestly, every point here makes sense!

1. “Stop caring enough to talk or even fight things out. The death of relationships, IMO, is not hate but indifference.”


2. “Don’t agree to threesomes when your partner asks; instead, pack up and walk the fuck out. That’s a massive red flag, as in “Babe, I want a threesome.” = “Babe, I’m cheating on you!”


3. “Don’t be so hung up on your ex. Nobody likes being compared to their partner’s ex. In other words, only immature shit-for-brains people think like that, and you deserve to be forever alone if you do that.”


4. “Don’t give your partner guilt trips. If they did something that upset you, ask them to explain what happened. Then you explain why their behavior or words upset you. Make sure they acknowledge your feelings. Ask them to develop an action plan for this issue to not arise again. Be open to compromise and meeting in the middle.”


5. “Don’t agree with everything the person says to “make them happy.” Don’t forget to be independent. It is boring to be the person dating yourself.”


6. “Lying. If you’re with me just don’t do it. I am an incredibly forgiving and patient person, but if I find out you lied (which I will, eventually) I will never trust you again. Believe me, I will be much more pissed about you lying to me than for your reason for doing it.”


7. “In my opinion, one of the biggest general relationship “no-no”s is making it a goal to have a relationship that is correct by some external measurement, rather than the goal being a relationship that is personal and mutually fulfilling by internal criteria.”


8. “Don’t expect your partner to read your mind. Communicate. This may be cliché, but don’t go to bed angry.”


9. “Go slow! Don’t think that just because you’re having all of these wonderful blissful feelings it means that you’re going to be together forever. That might happen, but it might not. If the high wears off and you don’t like her anymore, don’t stick it out hoping that things will somehow go back to the days of the honeymoon period.”


10. “Never ever ever focus on who is “wrong” in an argument. Figure out how things make you both feel, and what you can do to resolve the issue. Compromise. Don’t turn it into a debate, and don’t try to prove you’re “right” unless that’s going to fix things.”


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