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I’ve seen my little brother come home with a black eye after a guy at school punched him in the hallway, and sometimes… Just love troubles. To him, I’m like a sworn enemy, but when we hit rock bottom, we always have each other’s backs. I don’t go all out and kick that bully at school or wipe his tears while he cries for that girl who dumped him; I just make sure I’m there to show him the right path to overcome all the hiccups. My advice, which he overlooks at times, helps him cut down all the obstacles in life’s journey. 

Brothers are like street lights along the road – they don’t make the distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.

So, the other day, I stumbled upon this heartwarming video by Paisa Bazaar that highlights the special bond between two brothers, and it has caused a tsunami of tears in my family WhatsApp group. The video is about a guy giving a touchy speech on his brother’s wedding, thanking him for always being his guiding light and giving him the right advice to overcome all the hurdles on his own, and thus, making him a more confident person in life.

Have a look.

Misty-eyed much?

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero, and this video aptly proves that. 

No matter how many playful banters you have with your brother, they’ll always be your built-in best friends for life who’ll always show us the right path. They are not just men who grow up in the same household but, incredible friends we later understand the worth in life – one who has always been there for us, always showing us the right path. So, before you count the number of fights, don’t forget to count the number of fond memories you have made with your brother.