If you’ve been on Tinder or other dating apps, you’d know that it’s quite common to either get ghosted or rejected after the first meeting. In some cases, you don’t even go past the first ‘Hi.’ While most of us have learned to deal with rejections of the heart, some people don’t take it too well. They are quick to take offence, and will make sure that you feel bad for rejecting them. 

A guy went on a date with a girl, but the girl refused to have sex with him. Well, story of many lives, right? But this one guy wouldn’t and couldn’t take no for an answer and went one level up on the hostility scale with his crazy texts and racist rants. 

Take a look at some of the texts that the girl’s friend tweeted:


She was called a squinty-eyed gook because she was an Asian. 

Well, I would say good riddance girl!


Oh, but he doesn’t stop here. Looks like this guy kept thinking that it was his birthright to have sex with this girl after they went for a date. Sorry, buddy, NEWSFLASH! She doesn’t owe you. 

But even after this, the guy did not stop. He went on to berate her, and call her a low life. 



It’s disturbing to see that this trend still lives on and that many men live under the illusion of power and a false sense of superiority. The belief that women owe men if they go out for a few dates is plain ridiculous. And notions like these are what often contribute to rape culture. 

No matter how long you have been dating a guy, every woman has the right to say no. Even if you’re married, engaged, or just dating, this has absolutely nothing to do with your sexual choices, which you’re free to make.

H/T: Attn