From books to movies and shows, from renaissance art to songs, love, in all its shades, has been explored in countless ways. But while it rarely gets the same attention, friendship is just as powerful an emotion, if not more. 

And Vanika Sangtani’s poem on Long Distance Dosti, released by Tape A Tale, perfectly explains the joy and struggles of a true friendship. 

While the cliche, opposites attract, may traditionally refer to romance, Vanika talks about how it became true for her and her school best friend, Radhika. Because when it came to things that matter, the two were exactly alike. 

Uss din jab hum saath baithe humein realize hua, on the face of it hum kitne hi opposite hon, class ke same log humein annoying lagte hain. 

From sharing common interests to sharing secrets, the two became closer than Siamese twins, convinced that even a farewell could not keep them apart. 

Thode time bad toh aisa hua ki har plan mein Radhika ka hona was an important clause. Agar karenge toh saath karenge, nahi toh nahi karenge. Phir farewell hua. Uss din aisa laga sab kuch peeche chhoot raha hai par ek cheez ki guarantee thi – woh farewell meri aur uski dosti ka ant nahi tha. 

But distance has a way of creeping in on the closest of friendships. And time can turn that distance into a silence that can rot the deepest of friendships. 

Insecurity pata hai tab aati hai jab aapki best friend aapse pehle baatein kisi aur ko batane lage. Jab Instagram par kisi aur ke saath stories zyada frequently aane lage. 

But, when all else fails, it’s memes to the rescue. 

2018 April. Nafrat nahi ki thi, par uske baare mein sochna band kar dia tha aur tabhi saali ne ek meme forward kia. Jethalal ka meme tha and it was talking about school life. Oh My God, what a combination! And then we started talking. 

A long, emotional phone call gets Radhika and Vanika back on track but also leaves them with a little more distance than they’d have liked, and a life lesson that everyone can relate to: 

Instagram/Tape A Tale

Funny, warm, and relatable, this is one poem that all BFFs will relate to: 

Why can’t we let go of the fear of losing people in the future and just value them in the present?… jo nahi hua woh shayad hai, toh jo hai, usko sambhal ke rakhte hain na. 

You can listen to the complete poem here: 

All images are screenshots from the poem on YouTube, unless specified otherwise.