Happy Valentine’s Day!

Originated as a ritual to celebrate one or more early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day has undergone immense amount of change over the centuries to now become a celebration of love. With everything that’s going on today, we could all do with a little extra love, can’t we?

While the celebration of love has gone through its course of evolution, our definition of love is still stuck in the middle ages…

Guy meets girl. They exchange looks. They fall in love. And live happily ever after. Bullshit.


What’s wrong in taking love one day at a time?

We meet someone, we find them interesting, we call it love and expect it to last for as long as we’re alive. More often than not, the bubble of ‘forever’ breaks and reality hits you hard in the face. As a result, we get our guards up the next time we get around to dating. 

But is that really so bad? Is it really bad to call off a dysfunctional relation just because there’s a lot of emotional investment involved? Well, if you’re not ready to take chances on your investment, you’re never gonna see the returns which wait for you on the other side. Who knows, you might just get rewarded with your own missing happiness.


How long do you exactly plan to run after the mirage of ‘forever’?

If you’ve ever been in a romantic relationship, you know that ‘love’ is not what we learnt from books and movies. Sometimes, it comes with an expiry date. Falling in and out of love is under nobody’s control. The whole deal of dating is to bump into all the wrong people to eventually find the right one. And expecting your first dating experience to last a lifetime is a little naive.


But then, do you become morally corrupt by seeking new love?

Relationships end when either of the two people involved lose interest in their partner. We realise that the person we’re dating is no longer a mystery for us. That’s when we begin to find someone else’s mystery interesting, which is only human.


However, grow a pair and come clean if you’re unhappy in a relationship.

Being attracted to someone else doesn’t justify cheating on your partner. The most honourable thing to do while breaking up is coming clean. 


Get your heart broken. And get it fixed. 

Be open to getting hurt if you’re open to being loved. Don’t be afraid to meet new people with your insides still bleeding from the last time you did that. It, in no way, means to give up on love in its entirety. It just means that everything we’ve read or watched about love does not necessarily apply on real human beings.


Become the bigger person and set them free. You also broke up with someone, sometime. It wasn’t the end for them, it sure won’t be the end for you.

It takes two to start a relationship, but it only requires one to end it. What you call a mutual decision is mostly you agreeing to your partner’s proposal to part ways or vice-versa. Sometimes that’s the only choice you have. Refusing to let the relationship go isn’t going to bring back what you once had.


You still don’t know what real love is. And you’ll never know. Deal with it.

We throw the word ‘love’ around way too often. While you love your friend because they had an extra cigarette on them, romantic connotations of the word are often misread and misinterpreted. Take your time to know the person before prematurely blurting out “I love you” and then regretting it later.


Wish you guys a very happy Valentine’s Day (Not).

Embrace your romantic relationship all you want, just don’t get carried away on one particular day because ancient Romans thought it’d be a good idea to have a feast. You don’t need a particular day to show your affection to your partner. The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love, not to set unreal expectations to live up to.


Allow yourself to be submerged in your idea of love. Find out who you love and let them love you back, for each day can be your Valentine’s Day.