Relationships are hard to maintain, and when it comes to maintaining a long-distance relationship, it’s not easy at all. Sometimes things can go off guard and make you question your entire relationship.

And it’s best to learn from people who have been there. Redditors have some tips to make a long-distance relationship work. Let’s hear what they have to say.

1. “Regular communication, remote dates, basically whatever you’d do in a non-LDR. Dinners together, date nights, sleeping together via video call if that’s what suits you guys. Even sexy times.”


2. “Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. When my boyfriend and I started long-distance he thought he had to stay strong for me and didn’t express that he was sad that I wasn’t around. All this achieves is making the other person feel unbalanced and that they’re the only ones feeling this way. Let your partner know when you’re sad as much as you would if you were happy.”


3. “When something is wrong, talk about it right away. Texting is the worst. It causes misinterpretation and more arguments. My boyfriend and I have a rule where if something is going on we won’t text about it, instead, we call right away or wait to call and text about something else. If something doesn’t feel right, say something! It takes less than a minute to send a text! You deserve the same amount of attention as if you were literally living together.”

caddetemuffin24 ·

4. “Trust is a huge deal, get the “he’s or she is probably talking to someone else” thing out of your head and trust your partner they are in this with you as well. Arguments will be difficult because you really can’t just hug your partner and kiss them and makeup. Just give each other time to cool off. It is a real relationship just because you’re far away from each other doesn’t mean either gets to act with single respect for each other.”


5. “Calls and video calls, especially if you call while just doing a normal part of your daily routine, like eating a meal, watching a show or movie, doing some little chores around the house, or even just laying in your bed or on the couch and just talking to each other, this really makes you feel more connected to them and more like you are right there with them.”


6. “Assuming it’s probable. Make as many visits as you can. My bf lives 2.5 hours away which to most of y’all will think sounds like he’s right outside my door in comparison to your LDR but to two broke ass kids in their early twenties it’s like living on different planets.”

royal_bitch10 ·

7. “If you feel a strain on your relationship, bring it up. Don’t try to fix it yourself, it’ll just wear you out or make you resent your partner for not trying hard enough. Tell them things feel weird and find a way to work through it together. It makes a world of difference.”


8. “Don’t get jealous if she’s hanging out with other guys. If it really bothers you, tell her how you feel nicely. Don’t accuse her of anything. You do that and it’ll be the end of everything.”


9. “You also need to remind yourself that long-distance is very hard and you’re in this together! If it works, that’s great! If not, move forward.”


10. “Don’t get mad over little things. Never end a call or conversation on a bad note. Remember that they have a life separate from you, don’t make everything revolve around you and your life. don’t start drama over nothing.”

thisisathrowaway637 ·

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