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Answer These Questions And We'll Tell You Which Popular TV Couple You And Your Partner Are

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Do you and your bae share similarities with a popular TV show couple? Would you like to find out? Well, we've got the perfect quiz for you.

1. What is your favourite thing to do with each other?

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Make travelling plans. 

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Brainstorming about how to become the perfect power couple.

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Day dreaming about our future together. 

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Judge other people.

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2. Do you think you have a future together? 

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We have managed to stay together against all odds till now, so yes. 

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As long as they stop pranking me. 

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Our future is already here. 

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We take it one day at a time.

We are meant for each other, forever. 

via DH Gate

We have already decided baby names. 

3. Do you get along with each other’s parents? 

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I don’t think we are there yet. 

via Miss Malini

We are one step away from being featured in a Suraj Barjatya film. 

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It took us a while but we got there. 

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We don’t need their validation. 

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Our parents introduced us. 

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They have NO IDEA. 

4. How is the sex? 

We are waiting till after we get married. 

As wild as it gets. 

That’s how we met (wink, wink).

We do it like bunnies.

via Polygon

Our sex life is as non-existent as character arcs in GoT season 8.

We call it 'making love'.

5. What do you think will happen if you break up? 

We will NEVER break up. 

Probably find someone else. 

Cry till our tear ducts run dry. 

Our friends will make sure we never break up. 

We break up every day, only to get back together. 

We are too lazy to find someone else. 

6. Do you think they are your soulmate? 

Erm, I’m not too sure about that. 

That’s the one true thing in our relationship. 

Since day one. 

If ‘soulmate’ means we can also see other people.

We don’t believe in soulmates. 

On some days, yes. On most days, probably not. 

7. What is your ideal date? 

Candlelit dinner 

Amusement parks

Watching serial killer documentaries. 

Taking a nap together.

Getting hammered together.

Going for a long drive.

8. How often do you fight? 

Every time we disagree with each other. 

Our fights usually last for only a few minutes 

It’s always a war zone. 

Fight? We don’t do that here. 

When things get out of hand but we always find a way to sort it out.

Not much but when we do, it’s just harmless banter. 


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