When was the last time you reached home before your partner and did the chore they hate doing? Or brought a souvenir back from your trip only for them? 

Sometimes your grand declarations of love fall weak in front of the small unexpected gestures. It only takes a few little things to show someone how much you care. What could be better than being rewarded with a big smile on the face of your significant other? 

Moved by the same idea, Redditors are discussing the unexpected act of romance that they appreciate and trust me, it’s worth knowing.

1. “My husband puts my favorite coffee mug next to the coffee maker whenever he wakes up before me. It’s the smallest gesture that starts my day off right every time.”

– ermerly

2. “Forehead kisses for sure.”

3. “Nose kisses FTW.”

4. “Flowers. You don’t have to buy a dozen red roses. Buy the discount/special flowers for 2.99. They’re just as beautiful, and the thought is what counts.”

5. “When I’ve asked some questions casually, like ‘What have you been thinking about a lot?’ And the answer is unexpectedly totally romantic, like – You.”

6. “Keep enough toilet paper in the bathroom for me when I visit.”

7. “Stroke my leg while we’re driving. Puts a hand right above the knee with his thumb making little circles. #swoon”

8. “This guy took off my coat, put it on the chair, and pulled out the chair for me at a restaurant. It took me a moment to suddenly realize that no other guy has ever done that for me!”

9. “Remembering a passing comment I made about a song that I like, practicing it, and then playing it for me out of the blue.”

10. “Buys me food without me prompting him when I have a long day at work & am hungry.”

11. “When talking casually to other people, calls me ‘my girl’. Turns me into a goddamn puddle. Also during heavy make out sessions, stops and kisses my cheeks and forehead, then goes back at it, don’t know why but it’s just the cutest thing ever.”

12. “I was in one of those cinemas with beds, and it was Winter. My feet were bare and my date asked if I was cold. I said yes, and he put his jacket over them. Instant lady boner and I melted.”

Guys, it only takes a small effort and thought from your end to make someone’s day. But seems like not everyone can get even the smallest of the things right!