There are many couples out there who opted for an arranged marriage. But have you ever wondered what it’s like to stay with a person you barely know?

How do these marriages turn out? What are the things one should expect from it? Let’s find out. 

1.” Sharing everything. Sudden loss of personal space. Figuring out schedules in the morning. Learning to be with a constant presence in the house whose opinion matters on every little decision you make. If your spouse is anything like mine, you’ll gain a best friend for life who will break you out of your shell, make you try new things, create opportunities for both of you to experience new things, will be brutally honest, and accept your flaws and all. Ten years down the road we are a team who know each other’s habits and reactions and can work with and around each other.”


2. “I had an arranged marriage a decade ago. I’m surprised by the fact that we’re best friends. We argue and fight. And at the end of it, one of us meekly goes over and says something stupid like – Hey you sang well in the shower today. And we’re back to being friends. Something that only happened when I was in kindergarten and I just enjoy it.”


3. “If she has a job, you need to respect it. Everybody has a different tuning at the office. Everything has a place in a house and you need to remember it. Divide the duties and combine responsibilities Accept the fact that another person has spent 28 fucking years of life and he is allowed to have a different opinion.”


4. “That he’ll be the one that says “Tu khud ko hi moti bolegi to fir kaise better feel karegi. Body shaming is not good.”


5. “I got married more than 3 years ago, after I was done being lonely, and didn’t have the time or money or patience to play the dating game. My expectations were minimum. My wife turned out to be an UNEXPECTEDLY supportive, loving, and caring companion, and I’m terrified to imagine what life would have been like without her. We plan our future together now. The pandemic has brought us even closer as we spend more time together, and I hope it doesn’t take us away.”


6. “I wouldn’t say unexpected so much as underestimated, but the amount of time and effort it takes to run a household with a joint family.”


7. “My dad told me he has decided who I will marry, I am 17. It’s a guessing game now.”


8. “My mother was from a very conservative family and it was a cultural shock to her that my father eats meat and drinks alcohol occasionally. And yeah, I’m really furious that he didn’t tell her. Who does that?”


9. “The first year of marriage is going to be the hardest- put 2 strangers together in a house, there is going to be a lot of friction. You will learn everything about your spouse- good and bad- and there will be fights- because you are not used to compromising, nor do you understand your spouse completely YET.”


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