It’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day, a loving holiday overflowing with love, couples and despair. If you’re single, getting over a breakup, left on read, or stuck in a situationship, February 14th is a massive trigger warning for all single people.

Here are 5 Valentines Day struggles all single people can relate to:

1. It looks like the world vomited red hearts everywhere

From all the flashy store displays and mall decorations to the gaudy hype on the internet, it’s almost as if the world vomited red hearts all over for us to mop up. 

2. There’s couples everywhere

The streets are crawling with love-struck couples canoodling in tiny corners, shoving their relationship down our throats. As if the real world wasn’t enough, social media is crammed with elaborate virtual gestures of romance as well. We get it, you’re in love!

3. Overwhelming emotions of despair

All year round you take pride in your single status. You brag about your independence, not being tied down, steering clear of the relationship drama. But as the dreaded V-Day nears, lingering thoughts of loneliness, self-loathing and desertion begin to creep up. “Why am I alone?” “Will I spend Valentines Day weeping into a bottle of tequila?” 

4. Eating your feelings

You hide your loneliness in a pile of chocolate because people are temporary, but chocolate is forever. 

5. Resentment

You exude a bitter amount of hatred towards couples, romance and the holiday. On February 14th, love is the enemy. But in reality you are projecting your own heart ache.