As we see off 2021 in a while, we also need to bid farewell to the dating norms we’ve been adhering to since the time we started dating. You might easily think time-changes-things but without conscious efforts, it’s even more difficult than unhooking your partner’s bra, just saying. 

While you get a lot of vishesh tippani from your best friend over an hour-long phone call already, we’ve also compiled a list of six changes you need to make to ace your dating game with grace! Keep reading. 

1. Ditch the old rules. 

Playing hard to get or not making the first move is as outdated as not kissing on the first date. Not that you have to step outside of your comfort zone to look cool, but following some pre-existing norm you read in a magazine isn’t the way to go about it. It’s your body, your mind, do what pleases you.


2. Date them all until one shows the consistency you deserve.

Gone are the days you spent nights wondering the amazing time you had with them yet break your head assuming the reason behind the irregular communication between you both. Your partner’s mood swings are OK, but not at the expense of your own mental health. You aren’t in love, in fact, you are just addicted to their inconsistent pattern of affection.

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3. Move past your insecurities. 

Let go of the negative relationship memories that you still have at the back of your mind. Overthinking is the root cause of insecurity. Too much insecurity may wreak havoc on your confidence and create a toxic environment in the relationship. It may even split apart couples that love and care for one another. 

4. Be sure of what you want. 

You might go on a date for a casual hook up or finding your sole mate. Or you might just figure out with time. Possibilities are endless. Ensure that your partner is on the same page as you. If your feelings aren’t as intense as your partner while they might have developed a sense of attachment with you already, they might be hurt in a long run. Do not lead them on. Make your intentions clear.

5. Spot the red flags, PLEASE!

When you start dating someone new, the chemistry and excitement is like the ‘honeymoon phase’ which can blind you, making you ignore the warning signs. Sit back and analyse the efforts you are putting in them and what you get it return. If it’s not 50/50. It’s time to step back and not cling onto the same.

6. Stop dropping clues for no.

Women, primarily, are taught to be pleasers and easy-going on dates. That’s where you need to update in 2022. If you don’ like where the chat is leading, say no. If you don’t want to go on a second date with someone, straight up say no. And the ones facing a ‘no’ must not take it up their egos, rather reflect on what went wrong. 

Nothing’s sexier than being confident and aware of your feelings. Working on yourself is the primary step of levelling up your dating game. Don’t be misled by those newer films with age old tactics. *cough Kabir Singh cough*