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Remember that one time, when in the middle of a heated argument, you wanted to leave the fight behind and simply hug it out? You couldn’t do it, could you? Do you remember going over that incident in your head sometimes and wishing you could undo it? Sadly, all of us have held on to regrets at some point in our life. So we asked a few people, about that one time they had a tiff with a loved one and regretted it later. Their answers made us value the importance of forgiveness.

If these heartfelt recollections made you stop and think, then you know what a hasty tongue and an impatient mind can do to loving relationships. Apologies can be difficult, especially if you feel like you’ll lose face seeking forgiveness in person. This thoughtful microsite by Ghadi detergent gives you a chance to say sorry to someone you love in a very interesting way. Just like in their video where a doting wife encourages her husband to apologise to his long lost friends as Eid is the perfect occasion to make amends. The path to forgiveness begins with a single step!