Lovemaking isn’t anything like a long drive on a clear highway. It’s more like going on a road trip where you try to dodge potholes.

But you know, life doesn’t come easy to us. When you try to turn your mind-blowing sexual fantasy a reality, bad luck strikes and something goes wrong. Nonetheless, you aren’t alone. 

Redditors are discussing the weird things that happened to them during sex. They’re warning you so that you’re prepared!

1. “Your hand cramps up or your elbow starts hurting.”

2. “If she gets overstimulated and either starts to cry, faint, or laugh uncontrollably. Personal experience is when my girlfriend was grinding and she came and began laughing hysterically. Made me feel a little bad and uncomfortable but she explained it to me”

3. “Your dick occasionally slips out.”

– dcxr

4. “Sometimes, even if a woman is really turned on, she doesn’t get wet.”

– JustSRE

5. “Flopping and slapping noises as your bodies meet.’

– Anonymous 

6. “Long sex does not necessarily mean ‘good sex.’ For one, the girl can get sore, especially if the guy is big. It can also get boring if it goes on too long. It’s all about finding the sweet spot, timing wise.”

7. “Sometimes, hypothetically, the girl could be on top riding and you could wind up for a playful slap on the ass….and accidentally slap yourself directly in the balls causing great pain for one party and uproarious laughter for the other pretty much derailing the whole thing.”

8. “Hip cramps. Basically when your legs are spread too wide for too long and your hip flexor becomes a traitor requiring your leg to be straight or you’ll be in too much pain for enjoyment.”

9. “Sheets come off. Mattresses slide. Blankets start to bunch up no matter how flat they lied. Pillows nowhere near the two of you will get launched.”

10. “Sometimes the hollows of your chest or whatever suction to theirs and make a fart sound.”

11. “If your significant other is lactating, the oxytocin from sex can cause milk to squirt on you.”

12. “Her legs might start vibrating at an alarming rate. I thought she was having a seizure and panicked but don’t be dumb like me, apparently some girls do that when they about to orgasm.”

13. “If you’re too big, despite what porn might make you think, you can seriously hurt a woman if she has a smaller inside area. I’m not talking about girthwise, but rather length.

Having their cervix pounded is apparently uncomfortable.”

14. “When you’re in the front seat and her ass keeps honking the horn.”

15. “As a woman with long frizzy hair, kissing ain’t an option on top unless you tie it back into a tight ugly bun like Ms. Trunchbull from Matilda.”

– Anonymous 

Yeah, things do get messy under the sheets.