To be or not to be!

Now, I’m no Hamlet but I’ve found myself in this conundrum more number of times than I’d like to. Sitting at bars, talking to friends and sometimes, even during office hours. If you’re living in the city, big or small, there’s no escaping a conversation that’ll make you question your very existence. 

To be on Tinder or to not be on Tinder! 

It’s the one app that’s launched many rockets. If you got the innuendo, great and if not, this wasn’t a NASA-only line BTW. Basically, just the mere mention of this app invites and incites multiple opinions, each one more stronger than the other.  

It’s only for desperate people!” 

How can you decide on someone basis JUST their looks?

It’s amazing. No bullshit and straight to the point!

Way too many opinions and way too much confusion. 

Fash Foodies

Why are we so judgmental about people using dating apps?

As they say, different strokes for different folks. Some people prefer being introduced to a potential partner while some like to take initiative and go and talk to someone at a bar. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for companionship. Or maybe, sex. 

Whatever it is they’re looking for, they’re going for it full throttle. 

Having we all had a friend who’s requested us, over and over again, to set them up with a prospective someone? The sorts who’re done being single and eagerly, if not desperately, want to find some one right, right now. They want to meet your friends, cousins, colleagues and pretty much any one else they can. It’s all in the hope of finding their one true love. Or, it is just to get some action. Either way, we’re happy to oblige. 

It’s the same with dating apps. 

People who aren’t too social choose to hide behind a profile and go about their business. Discreet yet direct. It may not be the most ‘correct’ way of going about it but hey, who is anyone else to judge, really?

The Independent

Dating apps present sex as an easy option. Almost at par with love.

You look at someone’s pictures and if you like what you see, you swipe right. If two people ‘match’, it’s a match made in technological heaven. They meet, have a drink, talk and later, choose to have sex. It’s convenient and consensual. 

But is that the reason we secretly hate these apps? Or rather, the people who get lucky thanks to these apps? 

Those who call this transactional, isn’t it exactly how love works too? You meet a stranger, have a conversation, exchange numbers, go out, make out and after a few weeks, there’s the thing called love. 

The only difference is that dating apps make it faster, easier and sometimes, even instant. 

Vulcan Post

Basically, every one is looking for someone. 

Some want love. Some need companionship. And some others want sex. As long as they’re not doing anything wrong, it’s okay, right? 

If you don’t believe in their route, don’t take it. But not taking a road doesn’t mean it won’t lead to the destination. 

As for me, I’m still thinking. To swipe or not to swipe!