You know, the only good thing about that passionate fight is the sex after that. Now, this happens in  movies all the time.

It happens in real life too. Yeah, all that screaming, tears & arguments go out of the window when you get horny after the fight. 

This kink holds a deeper meaning to it, there is science behind it. Keep reading to know why you get horny after a fight with your partner. 

1. Your Hormones Take Control

Your body releases hormones like testosterone, adrenaline, and cortisol (the stress hormone) when you fight with someone ( including your romantic partner). Now to counteract the stress hormone, you see sex as your comfort. And what better way to calm yourself down than to have sex with your partner. 

2. Your Emotions Evolve During A Fight

At the end of the day, fights are always resolved. Letting it all out during a fight brings relief & excitement at the same time in your body. You wish to celebrate it & that’s how you get the urge to get intimate with your partner.

3.  Anxiety & Arousal Are Linked

Both of them cause an overwhelming feeling, they often increase your breathing, blood flow, and heart rate. These emotions can easily switch from one to another, and you know what happens next. 

4. It Hurts So Good

The word “passion” has Latin roots that come from “patior,” which means to suffer. There is always a close link between passion & suffering. It somehow connects when you get intimate with your partner. 

5. We Are All Fans Of Make-up sex

Sex is so much more. It is about intimacy, connection, emotions. Make-up sex is always considered soo good by many of us. It’s like they are pissing you off & you still want to get closer to them. The passion one has during make-up is sex is also very different from regular sex.  

6.   A Way To Cope With Trauma

Hear me out. We humans often have distinct ways to deal with pain. Now, after an intense fight, some of us may choose to get intimate with our partner to overcome that pain.

Note- It’s all good until you don’t end up hurting each other.