Goa’s first sex shop, Kama Gizmos, opened sometime over a month ago. And, from the moment it started, so many of us were talking about it. 

I mean, even though sex has been a taboo in this densely populated country but this seemed like a welcoming venture. 

But unfortunately, this brick-and-mortar sexual wellness shop was shuttered no sooner than it began. 

Reportedly, the shop was shut down by the Panchayat stating there was a lack of trade license while the sarpanch raised his objections against ‘such activities.’ 

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Although, Kama Gizmos’ partner Prawin Ganeshan, allegedly suspects there is more to the issue than what meets the eye. 

The Sarpanch, Dinesh Simepuruskar,  shared that: 

We had received oral complaints from many people about the shop and they did not have a trade license. So we have shut it down.They were selling sex-related things and we had received complaints from both men and women about it. People had also posted on social media and WhatsApp about the shop. Since it was in a gully everyone had not seen it before. We don’t want to allow such activities.

The shop was shut down on Wednesday while its signage was also brought down. 

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This shop is a joint venture between KamaKart and the Gizmoswala. 

The CEO of KamaKart, Ganeshan, mentioned that their trade license application was under the way and they were advised by Panchayat officials that they can open the store and the license will come in a matter of few days. 

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On 13th March, the Panchayat instructed not to open the store for a few days so they followed the same. 

Allegedly, he also added that they are facing a lot of pressure from the local authorities. 

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The same report suggests that they are planning to restart the store within a month’s time. The customers have been calling the shop even after the shop was shut down.

Now that says a lot about what exactly people want.