Did you know your mom secretly hates your guy best friend? She is pretty sure that all the evil in your life is gonna come through them and she keeps dropping you subtle (read: not) hints about it. Something similar goes on at your friend’s place with his mom either waiting to tie you both in holy matrimony or worrying that he is not finding any girl suitable enough because of you. Well, we know how tough it gets to have a close friend from the opposite gender with whom you are not romantically involved. No one understands, not even your other friends. People are always coming up with silly excuses to justify their astonishment which leaves you irritated more often than not. These are a few assumptions society has about friends who don’t use the same loo.

Honestly though, if you DGAF about old and outdated societal norms, this cup is just for you.

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Design Credits: Rashi Khandelwal