The quest to find a significant other is not easy. So many factors have to be taken into account before you begin a romantic relationship. The ‘Dating phase’ is not smooth either. You could be on your fifth date when you realize that the person you are with only likes to brag about themselves and does not really care about what you’ve got to say. And you’ll have to begin the tedious process all over again. But, not necessarily. 

Some women have given up the venture altogether. In this particular thread on Reddit, women came out and shared why they stopped dating for good. Some of these answers will blow your mind.

1. “It really does just boil down to ‘too much work for way too little reward.'”


2. “Hate how a relationship will be absolutely dogshit and unfair towards women and they’ll be told to communicate or go to couple’s counseling, and if they dare leave and not tolerate manchildren anymore they’ll be told to be “realistic” and reduce their standards with the standard comment of “you’ll be a lonely cat granny”, as if that’s somehow worse than the toxic relationship they were stuck in. It’s just the modern version of ‘he’s your partner, it’s a woman’s duty to compromise'”


3. “Men prioritize porn and fantasize about the “perfect looking girl” meanwhile when I’m in a relationship I’m literally blind to any other man. It just doesn’t feel fair to me. I’d rather just keep my love for myself rather than throwing it away to some guy that doesn’t know how to be loyal/monogamous.


4. “I realised that the only times I felt insecure about myself was when I was actively dating. The men that I have dated loved the idea of a strong woman but did not know how to handle one. Their way to deal with it was to bring me down to them. Over enough time, it worked to the point I never went back to who I really was.”


5. “I have time, space, money, free time- dating is a sacrifice to those things, so it needs to be worth it. And dating apps always seem high-risk, low-reward with the pressure to escalate sexually, figure out who is lying to just get something from you, either becoming emotionally invested in someone who is still unsure about you, or you have to let someone down who is more into you than you are into them. The entire dynamic of dating isn’t a “fun way to find a connection” anymore so I just stopped.”


6. “I have had TWO boyfriends leave me when I got sick! Not even anything terminal – the first time, it was a tonsillectomy, and the 2nd time, I got the flu. They just decided that *that* was a good time to break up. Reason I’m so soured on dating.”


7. “Maybe the ideal guy I want doesn’t exist. And my expectations are too high.”


8. “I’m just very content in my single life right now. A relationship wouldn’t add anything to it. In fact it probably would take away from it.”


9. “Too tired of being objectified and only seen as a sex object. Men will lie and do whatever needs to be done just to get in your pants.”


10. “Because solo sex is way better and so much less hassle. Light a scented candle, run a warm bubble bath and turn off the lights. Bring some warm lube and a good imagination and you’re good to go. No need to entertain anyone or risk rejection or disappointment. The orgasms are mind blowing!”


11. “Every man I ever cared about cheated and lied to me. Starting to honestly believe that men are incapable of empathy. Watched a man I loved last week breakdown and cry saying I didn’t deserve to be cheated on, all while denying cheating on me with other women. Why destroy my peace just to go though all that hurts all over again?”


12. “Feels like an endless job interview. And sometimes, I realize I don’t even wanna work there.”


13. “I just don’t find men attractive anymore in the terms of dating. I had and heard of too many negative experiences. I’m tired of trying because majority of men either look for mom, sexdoll or maid and I’m not interested in being one or all of those and I have no energy to look for that rare unicorn.”


14. “The bar is so low that we’ve been conditioned to accept crumbs from guys because they’re just too incompetent to use their words or know how to mop a floor. Women in the 21st century are tired of working 40 hours a week and still having to come home to a man that thinks he doesn’t need to do the exact same amount of work around the house as the woman does.”


Sadly, we are still a long way from normalizing the idea of being single and happy. The subtle pressures of society end up provoking us into thrusting the wrong person into our perfectly contented lives. But there’s one question to ask. Would you rather stay in toxicity? Or would you choose to be free from the strangling chains of an unhealthy relationship?