In today’s episode of ‘what is ground-breaking on the internet today’, we have an uber-cool grandma who is smashing the patriarchal rules of society. From clear and healthy conversations about sex to talking about consent, she is becoming the new sensation of the internet. 

Avanti Nagral is an artist based in Bombay and Boston, who creates music that challenges the patriarchal norms of society. However, it is the conversations with her 89-year-old medical doctor grandma that people are going gaga over. 

Talking about sex, the grandma cleared the fact that it is mostly for pleasure.

There’s no doubt about the fact that neither your body nor your sexuality belongs to someone else. Therefore, aaji talks about how important consent is.

Aaji talks about sex with no drama attached.

Talking about the secret to life, she says that one should be happy and convinced with their decision. 

She’s not your regular grandma, is she now? *winks*

In case, it wasn’t clear enough earlier: please listen to this AGAIN! CONSENT. IS. IMPORTANT.

Savage Aaji dropping truth bombs!

We all need more grandmas like her who are ready to accept good changes.

No matter what, gender stereotyping remains entrenched in our society.

Love has no language and grandma proved it.

Here are some golden parting words from her.

Here’s the heart-warming response people have been sharing over the comments.


You can watch the entire clip here:

You can watch all their clips on her Instagram and YouTube.

Note: All screenshots in the article are from her videos.

This duo is too cute to handle.