A woman from Bangladesh swam across the border to marry her boyfriend in India, proving love knows no bounds. But she was arrested for entering the country illegally. 

The 22-year-old Krishna Mandal met her Indian boyfriend Abhik Mandal online, and the love blossomed. They met on Facebook and soon decided to get married.

Sadly, Abhik didn’t have a passport so he couldn’t go to Bangladesh legally. That’s when Krishna decided to come to India. She walked through the wilderness of Sunderbans, home to a large population of tigers, and swam across the Malta river to reach India.

She reached West Bengal’s Kaikhali village, where Abhik was waiting for her. They drove to Kolkata and got married in a temple.

India Today

The fascinating love story of Krishna and Abhik started doing the rounds as more and more people got to know about the brave woman who swam across the border to marry her boyfriend. The police also got to know about it and arrested Krishna for illegally entering the country. According to reports, she may be handed over to the Bangladesh High Commission.

The internet was swooning after hearing the story. Here’s what people said. 

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