You might have come across many weird relationship tales around you or on social media, but this one will make you feel cringe AF. Imagine your partner wants you to be classy ‘coz you interact with rickshawalas or waiters, what would you do?

So, a Quora post about a woman complaining about her boyfriend who makes small talks with them, caught our attention on Twitter. 

The woman also has a problem with the fact that he drinks roadside chai and wants him to be ‘more classy’ (she meant classist) and ‘modern’. ‘Coz well, this is just too LS (low standards) for her.

The screenshot posted by @Hopayega09 reads:

My boyfriend comes from a lower middle-class family. He has been earning a huge package at a big firm, but he still: makes small talk with rickshaw drivers and waiters and drinks roadside chai. How can I make my boyfriend more classy and modern? 

Check the post here:

Her post has backfired on Twitter and netizens are supporting the man. And of course slamming the woman for being regressive in her thoughts.

Just got to know… Treating fellow human with lesser income as shit is in the cards of evolutionary process to become modern and classy…(sic).


Such a gem he is, It’s better you find someone like you. We are already short of kind people don’t corrupt the one’s we have (sic). 


My friend once dated a woman who was an actor – he’s filthy rich and she was basically in it for the money. But had problems with him being low maintenance. She used to call me and request me to tell him to dress according to her status. I talked her out of that relationship (sic).


Some of them suggested him to find a better partner.

Ms. Classy and modern can go fuck herself. That nice boy deserves a human being, not a giant walking-talking turd (sic).


Check out the original post on Quora here. Also, don’t miss these screenshots of the reactions on that platform:


Hey man! Leave this woman ‘coz you definitely deserve way better. I just want to conclude it by asking: Kahan se aate hain ye log?