If you are someone who thinks that any crazy conduct of yours in the name of ‘efforts’ would impress your girl then boy, you need a reality check. Men who are so unnecessarily confident in what they do, leaving no room to introspect their behaviours end up majorly turning off their women.

In bed or otherwise, women of Reddit addressed the biggest turn offs for them and honestly, the responses are worth reading. 

1. “Just grabbing my breasts without any kind of build up. Amazingly, having my boob honked randomly is not particularly pleasant or arousing and you starting with that is not going to put me in the mood.”

– Melodey70 

2. “Going to from simple mild flirtation to sexual propositioning the moment a woman responds back with a hint of mutual interest.

For example:
Him: My friends at the party thought you were gorgeous. 
Me: That’s very nice of them. 
Him: I think you’re gorgeous too. 
Me: Aww, you’re sweet. I think you’re very handsome. 
Him: I wanna tap that ass.”
–  gambitgrl

3. “Constant negativity. I met up with an ex crush of mine during a class reunion. He spent the whole evening talking about how stressed his work was, how much he hates his career, how none of us had it as bad as he did. Any lingering romantic feeling pretty much cooled right down after that.”

4. “Being pushy. Please don’t make me re-state my boundaries, please don’t pressure me into something I’m not ready for.”

5. “They just randomly bring up these stories all the time about the guy they wanted to punch because he looked at his girl or whatever. Or how much they fought in high school but learned to tame the dragon. Like chill, I don’t give a fuck.”

6. “When they change the way they treat you once they get comfortable.”

7. “Hate when guys tell me what I like or don’t like. ‘Come on, girl. You know you like spending money.’ ‘Umm no I don’t.’ Or ‘What do you mean you don’t like to smoke? You totally look like that kinda chick.’ No I don’t, asshole.”

8. “Stand too close to me in my personal space when we’re not romantically involved or even close friends. It’s called a ‘personal bubble for a reason. Also, touching: body language speaks volumes. Don’t ignore it.”

9. “Entitlement: I’ve sent you a compliment, you owe me an answer. We went on two dates, you need to give me a chance. I’ve been so nice to you, I should get some booty. I invited you to dinner, you owe me sex. Some guys believe women are vending machines. You put in effort/money/time and eventually sex will come out.”

– TZH85 

10. “Honestly the biggest turn off for me is personally when guys try to make things sexual. I’d complain about a bad day in work, he’d find a way to make it sexual. It just becomes so annoying.”

11. “If I say no to something physical I mean no. ‘You’re so hot I couldn’t help myself’ is not an excuse and it is definitely not a compliment.”

12. “Talking about their ex. I really don’t want to know about the ‘absolute rack’ your last girl had, thanks.”

13. “Being self conscious of your masculinity. I dated a guy that would do absolutely anything to prove that he was the most masculine man in the room. It just makes you look so insecure.”

14. “When men make jokes degrading women as a whole. ‘Go back to the kitchen’ yeah how about you go back to the garage, how about that Harold?”

15. “Follow the notion that they have to be dominant and masculine at literally everything.

Like, an ex of mine got to the the point where I couldn’t make sarcastic jokes about him because he didn’t want to seem like a pussy to our friends.

Nope. Nope. Hell nope. You can be the punchline of the joke sometimes without your balls falling off, thank you very much.”

Get these right, boys.