Oftentimes, things seem so unreal to achieve that we dismiss them as a myth. (Or may be, the grapes are sour?) 

If you’re someone who can experience an orgasm during sex then congrats, you’re lucky. But if you manage to achieve multiple orgasms then no kidding, you’re experiencing the delight of heaven on earth! 

Women on reddit are discussing how it feels to experience multiple orgasms. Perhaps you can read and boost your odds of turning this myth into a reality.

1. “I have vaginal orgasms. Add that in with some clitoral stimulation and I can come until I can’t feel my legs anymore.”

2. “After I learned how to get myself off and do it well, there were times when I felt like I needed to go again right after. When the first time wasn’t enough. So I gave it a go and found out I could hit 3-4 in a row (with a short pause in between). I can do it easily myself with anything (fingers, toys), but it takes extra work with a partner. Never tried exercises or creams.”

– Anonymous 

3. “I exclusively masturbate with a vibrator, but my husband can get me off with his fingers. I get sensitive right after an orgasm, but if I wait 20-30 seconds then I can go again.”

–  lizzi6692

4 “I can have multiple g-spot orgasms with my boyfriend but I can generally only have one clitoral orgasm at a time, unless I’m ridiculously excited or it’s been a while. I’m usually too sensitive after a clitoral orgasm and need a refractory period.”

5. “I discovered I can come multiple times…but only if there’s penetration. Oral/clit play without penetration has never made me orgasm, and we tried for years lol.”

6. “Honestly, what worked was the come-hither g-spot motion with his fingers. Once I’d cum the first time, doesn’t matter how, that motion can get me another 2 or 3 orgasms one after another! Especially if he was ‘thrusting’ with his fingers at the same time.”

7. “I usually have multiple orgasms the first time I masturbate after finish my period (I don’t masturbate while on it). I think there’s just a buildup of horniness. There’s no specific technique that I, uh, use.”

8. “I’ve always been able to have multiple orgasms. Can be from toys, PIV, fingers, oral. With my ex (a few years ago) I could multiple, but then I’d have a huge one, and I couldn’t keep going after that.”

9. “My current partner, I can have multiples and multiples. They’re all amazing, and I don’t get to a point where I can’t keep going. Sucks that when he finishes, and I’m like ‘but there’s more left!’ but I’m not too stressed – he loves making me orgasm as many times as he can.”

10. “When I’m solo-ing, I can have about two. But when I’m with my partner, options are limitless!”

– Anonymous 

11. “When the initial orgasm arrives, there is this tingling sensation as if it isn’t over. Then, there is a small dip that sometimes requires a little extra stimulation, and then an orgasm arrives again, and then there is a repetition, three or four times if possible. Can turn a woman on knowing it’s an experience and not only an achievement.”

12. “Each one I find gets more intense and more sensitive for sure. Just can take a lil more time and effort to get that second one , unless you found your sweet spot. Then it’s just hard to do anything without feeling like an organism is coming.”

13. “I think the most I’ve ever had is 5. The first one is always good, then the second one isn’t as intense, but the third one is always super intense. Then I start to get tired and lose focus.”

14. “Feels kind of like waves of pleasure rolling through your body and each one more powerful. At the end you’re so tired but feel so so good”

– Anonymous 

15. “You reach the peak of sexual climax and then a short reduction in orgasm intensity then back to the peak of sexual pleasure… One right after another, over and over, on and on and on; a repetitive string of orgasms that can meld into one long continuous orgasm.”

Phew! These were quite some responses!