Isn't it always weird when you want to have sex but feel awkward initiating and your partner's a doofus who just doesn't get that you are in the mood? 

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Women on Reddit were asked the questions, specifically about how they would want their partners to initiate sex and how to get them in the mood for it beforehand! And let's just say, the answers were right in front of us this whole time. 

Reduce the amount of "daily chores" that I am stuck dealing with (cooking, cleaning, getting kids to bed...)then take time to snuggle me without any screen time happening, and talk with me. Maybe offer a shoulder rub (AFTER kids are in bed for the whole night, not just the first "to be round").

                    - Happy-birdie-918

Don't wait until the bedroom to start foreplay. By then it's too late. But also, not every expression of affection means sex is on the agenda.

                    - NHHS1983not

Foreplay should be an all-day thing. Being sweet to each other, giving each other attention and showing appreciation and care all day long will equal wanting to take each others clothes off as soon as you're alone.

                    - OrangeyPanda

Flirting and dirty talk is fantastic. Playful verbal teasing or physical teasing can be super arousing too.

                    - PeachDream1

It is VERY rare that I’m not down for sex. I have to be pretty sick/feeling horrible to turn it down. And I’m usually ready to go. Of course, little touches here and there throughout the day helps, making our, and I like dirty talk beforehand to amp up the tension.

                    - OverallDisaster

Smelling good, cracking a joke and being flirty. 

                    - Fantastic-Bunch-7375

I'm usually in the mood (or at least receptive to the idea), so all I wish is that he'd initiate more often.

                    - 949leftie

Little things can get her in the mood. Maybe a naughty text during the day. A quick caress. Flirt .A kiss for no reason. My ex husband would be cold and moody all day and then couldn't figure why I wasn't in the mood at bedtime.

                    - notme1414

Not being a piece of fucking shit. 

                    - Asog9999

Relaxing and cuddling on the couch with a movie, a blanket, and either an alcoholic drink or hot tea or cocoa, is most likely to put me in the mood. My partner and I have a good sexual connection, so as long as I’m in a good, relaxed place psychologically, he doesn’t have to do much to get me in the mood. Killing anxiety and the “what do I have to do next?” thought process is key.

                    - Flightlessbirbz

Being affectionate all day, just small things, cuddles before bedtime. Sexting during a workday, just giving hints.Even if I'm pretty ready to have sex always But that also means I need to have time to cuddle or not to tired for sex. So helping with household so I actually don't instantly fall asleep is a thing. Or my mind isn't in "oh no! I need to fix the laundry/dishes/taking out trash" when going to bed.

                    - Marma85

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This is it? So, let me get this straight. Women just want us to be nice all day. That's a low bar that we seemingly have been crawling under!