Expressing our feelings to someone we like is not an easy task for many of us out there. While majority of people simply use ‘I Love You’, some of them (mostly introverts) express their emotions via gestures. These three magical words are often received as an acceptance of love, however, sometimes, things can go down south if your crush doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings.


Now, before we delve more into this article, we have a disclaimer. If you are someone who has been turned down by your crush when you poured your heart out and said ‘I love you’, then this might hurt a bit. Cos we have found some worst responses that anyone can get after saying these words. A Reddit user, u/HikerTrash46 recently asked netizens, “What’s the worst way to respond to “I love you”? And the responses are harsh AF.

1. Just, “Thanks”

As a teenager, my friend waited three whole days after a 2 minute voice-text confession and finally responded with just…”Thanks”



2. Leaving their message as read or seen


3. The number you are trying to reach…

The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service, please hang up and try again later. Extra points if you say it in person.



4. Who are you?

I don’t even know who you are.  



5. You’re my best friend

Uhhh I love you too! You’re the best friend I don’t deserve!



6. The letter ‘K’


7. I love my bed

I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry  



8. Turtles are on my list


9. Requesting to use their bathroom

Can I use your bathroom? I need to take a fat shit.  



10. Getting bro-zoned


11. Acting as if you don’t know him/her


12. Did I ask?


13. No expectations please!

Well I hope you don’t expect me to say it back now  



14. Oooh! That’s nice!

The one I got from my now gf: “that’s nice”  



15. Spending time with you I like

And I…love…spending time with you!  


Yarn Memes

16. Butt-texted me?

Hey, did you just butt text me?  



17. Drunk or what?

You’re just drunk.



18. Look at you…

lol just look at you – said with a disgusted face  



If you have blurted out anything like this, you are an evil. Narak mein bhi jagah nahin milegi. There are many polite ways to reject someone’s proposal if you aren’t interested or not in the lovey-dovey phase such as:

1. I am sorry but there’s already someone in my life.
2. That’s so sweet but I am focusing on my career as of now.
3. My parents have found someone for me and I can’t make them unhappy.
4. I am not in that phase as I have been coping with a bad break up.

Good luck!