We all know what are red flags, but have you heard of a yellow flag in a relationship? These are instances that are not as serious as a red flag but can make one a little uneasy about the relationship. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Indecisiveness

For a relationship to work, it requires commitment. If a person is indecisive in a relationship, whether to take the next step or make major decisions, then this could lead to a potential relationship where they fail to take a stand on important matters.


2. Blaming their exes

If your partner is constantly blaming their exes and talking about them, it is a possible yellow flag. This can mean that they don’t want to take accountability for their actions and still carry baggage.


3. Spending 24/7 together

This sounds cute in the beginning, but if your partner has no hobbies or friends and constantly wants to spend all their time with you, it could be a cause of concern. It could mean that they are becoming dependent on you.

4. No long term goals

While it is advised to not jump the gun in a relationship, your partner should have some long term goals for your relationship. You can start slow but if your partner has problems setting some long terms goals for the two of you, it could indicate a lack of commitment.

5. Friends and family have doubts 

A lot of times, your friends and family are your best bet on yellow flags. If the majority is doubtful about your relationship, it could mean they see something that you don’t. 

6. Hesitancy to go public

If your partner has not told his friends/family even after a couple of months of dating, this again could mean a lack of commitment. They don’t have to announce it to everyone, but if nobody in their close circle knows, it is slightly concerning.

Now, maybe you’ll take a closer look at your partner and save yourself from the hurt.