The triple talaq system is a Muslim practice where men can divorce their wives by uttering 'talaq' three times. This age-old tradition of triple talaq has been misused by men to leave their wives without warning, at their whim, and without a means of sustenance. 

The case against triple talaq was first made by Shaira Bano after she was repeatedly threatened by her husband and in-laws and forced to go through 6 abortions. She moved to the Supreme Court to challenge the instantaneous triple talaq system. 

Source: Indian Express

After struggling for years, respite came to Shaira Bano and women like her when the Supreme court of India, in a landmark judgment, ruled triple talaq to be unconstitutional, un-Islamic and arbitrary. While the women in Muslim communities are welcoming this change, men appear to be a little hesitant to accept the judgment. 

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When the ruling was out, news channels spoke to Muslim women in premier Muslim universities in the country. A news crew from India Today was at the Aligarh University talking to female students who seemed happy about the judgment. 

Source: New Indian Express

However, men claiming to be from the University interrupted the live feed and proceeded to heckle the female journalist who was interviewing the women from Aligarh Muslim University. 

You can watch the video here:

We can clearly see that women from AMU wanted to speak on how they felt about the judgment, but the men just wouldn't let them speak. They kept asking the journalist if she has permission from the University. We can hear her saying that she has spoken to the PRO of the University and that they can't stop her from doing her job. 

That isn't it. 

Even Mohammed Kaif was trolled for speaking in support of the SC judgment.


Anyone who has shown support to this progressive ruling is being trolled and their voices drowned in a sea of misogynistic, myopic views of people who're against the ruling. All on the grounds that the ruling is against their religion and that Muslim women will get justice only through Quran. 

Even after the SC ruling, the judgment is yet to be passed by the Parliament. So, we're yet to see how that pans out for women who're fighting for equality. We need to understand that these women are just seeking equality before law and protection against the gross misuse of the talaq system. 

We tried speaking to the PRO of Aligarh Muslim University, but we haven't been able to connect to them yet.