Last night, as I was mindlessly scrolling down my Facebook feed, I came across a gif. This one.

I stared at the GIF for a while and then I started observing the phone in my hand. A white Mi 5 with a broken back cover and a few cracks on the temper glass. I usually wake up to check my phone, do the same before I sleep and I don’t really know how many times I repeat that throughout the day. It is safe to say that my phone is my life. I say that I have actually felt sad several times because my phone is dead and have taken desperate measures to bring it back to life. 

But, back in the days when we were in school, phones were a privilege that we craved to get our hands on even if it was just for a couple of minutes, leave alone owning one. Remember them?

Most of us had the Nokia 1100i, with its amazing durability.


Or the Nokia 7250i our first camera phone. Of course we couldn’t shoot videos with it but still. But the ones we really lusted after, were the ones below: 


1. Nokia 6600

I remember freaking out when I got to know that one could now take pictures using phones. This phone kept the parents up wondering what their kids might be recording on it. 


2. Moto RAZR

The most brilliant invention of our time were the flip phones; sleek and plain beautiful. 


3. Nokia N-Gage

This was probably the best phone-cum-gaming console of our time that all of us seemed to be hooked to. 


4. Nokia 3660

Remember this rotary keypad? It was believed to have made text messaging easier and faster.


5. Nokia 6230i

If music is all that you were looking for, this one was considered to be the third-loudest Nokia phone.


6. Nokia 3250

Can we twist? The unique ‘twist’ design transformed the phone keypad into a camera and dedicated music control keys.


7. Motorola PEBL

OMG, you guys! Do you have any memory of this cuteness?This phone could not be distinguished from a huge pile of pebbles.


8. Panasonic G51 

You remember the phone that was smaller than your palm with a tiny little antenna on top? This phone was a bit impractical owning to it’s ultra small keypad but were all in for experiments that fit absolutely anywhere even in that little jeans pockets meant for keeping change in.


9. Nokia 3510

Can you recollect the first time colour phones were introduced? These phones were all the rage back for their colourful graphics.  


10. The First Blackberry 

When this was launched, everybody went on to update their BBM pin just on about every possible social media account. The elaborate keypad and an elite design was, I believe, the reason why people really went for it. 


11. Sony Ericsson W595 Walkman Slider Phone

Remember the cool feature this phone had where we could just shake it and the song would change? Ofcourse, you do!


12. Sony Ericsson W600i Walkman Phone

This phone came, changed the way we listened to music and it was pretty damn awesome.


13. Nokia Communicator 9000i

 This one was bulky AF but the first one ever to get things organised owing to it’s calendar and address book.

14. The Nokia N97

It was smooth, sleek and offered a myriad of features. Plus point: It had a big screen and a keyboard just like the Blackberry.


15. Nokia N93

This phone would have put an Olympic gymnast to shame owing to it’s flexibility.

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16. The Nokia 5310 Xpress Music

They had dedicated music buttons and it was the coolest thing ever.


Even though these phone are a thing of past now, you gotta accept that they made our childhood so much better than what it could have been. Our childhood is deeply ingrained with these phones that looked different and imparted an experience that would last us a lifetime. We literally grew up in the future. 

Doesn’t that blow your mind away?