The thing about sex is that it's only good when it's unpredictable. 

You may be dining at the most fabulous restaurant in town but if you know what's coming your way, the flavours won't be as palpable and the excitement won't be as much. And just like your cuisine, you'd like your coitus to be a little unexpected, a little more exciting too. 

But then, not all unpredictability is good, right? You'd like your basics in place, after all. Imagine the horror when something that you'd taken for granted, just doesn't happen. Like opening a bottle of champagne - you'd know it'll pop and fizzle over. 

Like a man's ejaculate never coming out (pun completely intended)! That obviously doesn't happen and cannot not happen, right? Wrong! 

It's time you got to know about Retrograde Ejaculation!

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What is Retrograde Ejaculation?

Basically, it is when the semen is redirected to the urinary bladder instead of ejaculating via the urethra. So, while you do orgasm, nothing comes out of the penis, making it different from the usual male orgasm.

Anatomically speaking, a man's prostrate is connected to his penis on one end and the bladder on the other. Normally, the circular muscle of your bladder contracts for the semen to come out of your urethra during an orgasm. However, when this muscle isn't working properly, retrograde ejaculation occurs. In such cases, the semen gets out of your body the next time you go to the bathroom. 

It's called a dry orgasm. And no, it doesn't hurt. Maybe your ego but well, that's your personal issue! 

Does it hamper your orgasm or rather, the experience of it? Not really. But it might get a little weird if your lady saw you making the big O face and yet, she didn't really see it! 

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What are the reasons for it?

Firstly, it's a common side-effect for diabetics or those who have had prostrate surgery or are on medication for it. The medications they've been taking come (can't ignore this pun!) in the way of their muscles down there working properly. 

If you're not on any such medication, consult a urologist because there could be some obstruction or blockage in your urethra. An easy way to figure out a blockage is to check on your urine system - if you're peeing less and not-so-often, something is blocking your way!

Or, you could also be suffering from multiple sclerosis and that nerve damage may have affected your muscle's ability to do it's job efficiently. 

However, while it's not a severely-urgent issue, it is something you must get corrected. 

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If you're someone who's having too much of sex in one single day, you're bound to have a few dry orgasms.

Because your body only produces a certain amount of semen in one go and because it takes some time to replenish the stores. 

Therefore, the real worry is for those who aren't getting enough and when they do, they aren't releasing enough either. 

The treatments for Retrograde Ejaculation range from medication to surgery, depending on the reason behind things being dry. It's not too serious but you shouldn't take it too lightly either. 

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Sex is indeed like a bottle of champagne. If there's no fizz, is it even worth popping the cork?