There are rich people and then there are those assholes who flaunt it on social media. Being born into privilege is fun. You have every facility that us 'peasants' don't and we are happy for you.

But then we come across some of these Snapchat posts that just make us cringe.

1. Cry me a river, will you?

Source: Pinterest

2.  Only peasants suffer through traffic.

Source: Thechive

3. Yes, the school must suck, if it has a runway.

Source: Guff

4. Yes, your life must be tough.

Source: motor1

5. Ever tried not wearing leather?

Source: Mirror

6. Yeah, co-ordinate that shit! 

Source: YouTube

7.  Yeah, because those are more expensive!

Source: Smosh

8.  An iPad seems like a reasonable replacement.

Source: Blazepress

9. Yeah, because tissues are difficult to find.

Source: Wackyy

10. Flush yourselves, please!

11. As do you.

Source: Visionity

12. Not even trying to imagine what happens when you finish reading

Source: Zutv

13. Life goals!

Source: Los40

14. What's next, the Batmobile?

BTW, all of these come from the Rich Kids of Snapchat. So the next time you want to feel like shit about yourself, give it a visit.