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Jun 23, 2016 at 19:43

You’ll Never Guess What Product Is Being Advertised In This Ridiculously Funny Indian Ad

by Abhijeet Bhatt

There are some things in life that are incomplete without the things that complement them. Jai ke bina Veeru kya, Ramu kaka ke bina Bollywood film kya, Rakhi Sawant ke bina drama kya, Kejriwal ke bina dharna kya; just like that, achaar ke bina parantha kya.  

We NEED to have achaar with the national food of India. No matter when & where we're having it.

As seen in this hilarious ad by Finolex.

Source: Anand Karir


The ad begins with an astronaut eagerly opening a plate of parantha.

Source: Anand Karir


However, to his horror, he discovers that there's no achaar to go with it.

Source: Anand Karir


This sends everybody into a tizzy! How to get the achaar to him now?

Source: Anand Karir



It (rightfully) becomes a national concern.

Source: Anand Karir 


Finally, the astronaut's mom steps in. Because mommy knows the best.

Source: Anand Karir



And she comes with a hilariously foolproof plan to send achaar to her beloved son.

Source: Anand Karir 


Check out the awesome ad right here.


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