So, two women decided to enter Sabarimala, and oh no, the clearly de-marked territories of religion and patriarchy (totes in cahoots with each other) are now undone.

According to ANI, two women, Bindhu and Kanakadurga, both in their early 40s, entered the temple on 2nd January, escorted by police personnel.

They entered the temple at 3:45 in the morning.

These two women have scripted history by offering prayers in the temple after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on women, in the age group of 10-50 years, entering the temple premises.

Source: Financial Express

The next 'logical' thing that the priests resorted to do was the purification of the temple. Two purification rituals - Panjapunyaham and Kalasabhishekam- were performed, while the temple was shut down for devotees to enter, according to New Indian Express.

Source: Rediff

Netizens are divided over this occurrence. 

Some are #feelingcheated, because how dare women do this?

Then, there are people who recognise it for the feat it is.

Saal badla, soch nahi.

In protest of this regressive act of ‘purification’, however, women stood in solidarity on Tuesday. Women in Kerala formed a 620km human chain in support of gender equality amid row over access to the Sabarimala temple. It is reported to be the fourth largest human chain in the world. Over 5 million women are estimated to have taken part in building the ‘women’s wall’ to uphold gender equality.

A ray of hope, maybe?

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