There comes a time in life when you learn how to laugh at your own misery, a phase most people also call adulthood. The oft uttered phrase goes "misery loves company". Well, one glance at these sad memes will hopefully convince you that life all that bad. Here you go:

1. Sunday nights be like

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2. Late night sleepers, give me a cheer

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3. Well, we have lots of such people around

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4. Happens almost every day man!

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5. Wi-fi is down? We're doomed

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6. She found happiness in a temporary state

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8. All the mushrooms in the world can't change this fact

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9. Those who don't do this, should definitely start

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10. Gentle reminder

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11. We feel you kid, we do

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12. Are you listening guys?

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13. Monday motivation

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14. Still hate it

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15. Udta Earth

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16. The pain is real

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17. No one can bro

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18. Should have studied hard man

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19. Mixed emoji

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20. Put your hands up in the air, err

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So, cheer up the next time you are in a grim situation, it will pass eventually.