After a long wait, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, possibly the best comedy show ever on Indian television, is finally coming back. And even though it's coming back as a web series, we can't help all the excitement.  

It's a show that's loved by people of all ages and every time there's a rerun, you can expect everyone to leave everything else and watch the show. We love the characters and their quirks and most of all, we love the show's intelligent humour. 

While over the years, the show has developed a cult following, there are still many lesser-known facts about the series that many people don't know. 

Here are 8 lesser-known facts about the Sarabhai show that only die-hard fans would know:

1. The self proclaimed tech genius, Dushyant, with his quirky antics is one of the most popular characters of the show. 

But very few people know that Deven Bhojani, the actor playing the character, also directed all the episodes of the series.

Source: Hotstar

2. Indravadan & Maya are poles apart from each other and the way Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah played these characters has made them totally iconic. But this was not first time that the two played husband and wife on TV. 

The two played husband and wife on the Zee TV show, Filmi Chakkar, back in the 90s.

Source: theculturetrip

3. The poetry competition episode of the show is definitely one of the most memorable episodes and that's largely due to Kacha Kela's hilarious poem, Main Lukhkha Hun. 

The actor playing Kacha Kela in this episode is actually one of the show's writers, Aatish Kapadia. 

Source: Hotstar

4. Director Deven Bhojani shared that before the makers decided to bring back the show as a web series, they were toying with the idea of making a film with the Sarabhai family. 

But somehow, that didn't materialise. And ultimately, they decided to come back as a web series.

Source: Indian Express

5. Hats Off Productions, the makers of the show, were also behind the hit comedy series, Khichdi

Both these shows have Gujarati families but the way they are presented are completely different.

Source: indiatvnews

6. The daughter of the Sarabhai family, Sonya, has appeared in a few episodes of the show. But even in these few appearances, two actors have played this character. 

Kshitee Jog played Sonya for a little while until she was replaced by Shital Thakkar.

Source: Hotstar

7. The original run of the show on Star One was interrupted due to low ratings. 

The show followed a weekly pattern but when it was later re-run, the channel followed a daily telecast pattern. After a few re-runs, the show started becoming extremely popular and developed a cult following.

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8. Much like their appearance on the show, the actors share a great bond in real life as well. 

Rupali Ganguly, who plays Monisha, started a WhatsApp group so they could all stay in touch. Much like her character, Maya, Ratna Pathak Shah was reluctant at first to join the group just to avoid "suprabhat" messages.

Source: Hotstar

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai Take 2 premieres on May 16 and we couldn't be more excited!