Flights seem to be a melting pot of discussions these days, with Indian passengers transgressing a new low every alternate day. Recently, a passenger onboard an Indigo plane ‘accidentally’ opened the airline’s emergency gate.

Seeing the bizarre nature of this viral incident, here are 11 other mistakes desi passengers do on airlines. JUST LIKE THAT.

1. Accidentally get up from seat the minute the plane lands ‘varna samaan chori ho jaayega.’

irritating things Indian passengers do on flights

2. Do a whole concert in the name of chewing food.

Do you hate noisy eaters too?

chewing food loudly

3. Accidentally talk at the pitch of shouting ‘Cos I own the world bish!’

Oh, how I wish there was a mute option in real life!

flight mistakes people do meme
Don’t Get Serious

4. Treat flight as a wrestling ring by mistake.

Not giving two effs to fellow passengers and massaging ego by participating in a wrestling match mid-air is the new ‘cool’ desi passengers are setting these days.

flight passengers fighting on a plane
Kalinga TV

5. Forget to select the desired seat in advance and then crib about seat allocation.

6. Accidentally pee on a fellow passenger ‘cos galtiyaan toh sab karte hain na.’

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7. Galti se become entitled ban jao and flight attendants ko apne naukar samajh lo.

desi passenger calls flight attendant servant
The News Minute

8. Break the boarding queue cos flights offer seats on a first come, first serve basis. Right?

boarding queue flight

9. Accidentally go overboard with whiskey and then expect flight attendants to put up with your drunk tantrums.

passengers drinking on flight

10. Accidentally ignore literally everything the flight attendants say.

frustrated air hostess cabin crew
AIB Honest Flights

‘Put the phone on flight mode.’ ‘Remain seated.’ ‘Do not get up when the seat belt sign is on.’

11. Galti se take off your shoes cos everyone likes the smell of sweaty socks.

flight never take off socks
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Which ‘mistake’ have you witnessed?