Dear Scorpio, these memes are so relatable, they will enrage you and then get you excited about your upcoming Scorpio season.

1. Excitement level: Scorpios.

2. On Scorpio's penchant for self-love.

3. Scorpios be like: I'm not stubborn, my way is just better.

4. On the Scorpio ability to throw shade at anyone's actions.

5. Emotions. Scorpios have lots of it.

6. On Scorpio's superpower to cut you out of their life & never look back.

7. Love. The passionate Scorpio has a lot of love to give.

8. On their brilliant decision-making skills.

9. Grudges. A Scorpio can hold a lot of them.

10. Don't anger a Scorpio ever.

11. Scorpios form the best of friendship based on mutual hate.

12. Scorpios and their decisiveness.

13. Rage against just about anything.

14. The Scorpio you are trying to help is currently out of fucks to give.

15. Minor setback in life and Scorpio's drama mode on.

15. Well, we just have different opinions.

16. Because Scorpios love real hard!

17. That's what they do. They think and they know things.

18. Some constructive criticism? Scorpio: No thanks.

Don't be mad, please.