Jul 19, 2018 at 20:03

The Sea Throwing 2,15,000 KG Of Trash Back On Mumbai Shores Is Proof That Karma Exists

by Aishwarya Dharni

Seems like the Arabian sea had enough of being a dumpsite for everyone and threw back all the garbage that was disposed of in it.

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Mumbai was hit by a high tide which puked out all the garbage that was thrown in it over the years. 

The beach shores are full of trash and the city looks nothing less than a dumpsite.

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BMC officials stated that they cleaned up almost 2,15,000 kg of garbage from the beaches of Mumbai with Marine Drive being dumped with 9,000 kg of trash.

While normally it takes an hour to clean the Marine Drive stretch, it took them two and half hours to get the task completed.

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The staggering amount of trash that the sea threw up is no joke and it is a clear message to the people and government of Mumbai to stop treating their marine bodies like a garbage dumpsite.

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Mumbai on its own creates around 2,000 tonnes of garbage every day plus 21,000 litres of sewage which, after basic treatment is released into the sea.

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According to Kiran Dighavkar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner (A ward), BMC stated,

In July and August, high tide brings garbage from the sea onto the Marine Drive on four to five days. The garbage washes onto a 900-metre stretch between the Intercontinental Hotel and Princess Street Flyover. Yesterday, we had collected one tonne of garbage but today, it increased to nine metric tonnes.

The citizens of Mumbai were not pleased and Twitter was overflowing with tweets just like the beaches and Marine Drive were with garbage.

Lawyer and activist, Afroz Shah, the man behind the clean-up of Versova Beach tweeted out in disappointment.

Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Germany compiled scientific studies on marine litter in a collective database called Litterbase, which said that Mumbai's marine life is one of the most polluted in the world.

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Even though the BMC workers managed to clean up the garbage, this should come as an awakening for the people and government of Mumbai to rethink their garbage disposal methods.

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