There is an entire science that goes into the making of a company's logo. The colour, the shape, the size of the fonts, there is a lot it takes to have people flock to you and buy your stuff. Ever wondered why your stomach does a rumble when you look at a McDonald's? It's because the colour yellow induces hunger! Ever wondered what Toyota's brand logo would tell you? There's a lot of science that went in there too.

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Going by the fine art of logo making, Toyota had to keep in mind what the automobile company stood for, what they offered as a brand and compress all that into a symbol. This is what the old logo of the company looked like.

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But did you know you could find the name of the brand and everything it stands for in the current logo?

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That's right! What looks like a bunch of ellipses overlapping each other actually carries the alphabets for the name Toyota!

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All that, compressed into one small symbol. Well we guess that's what chota muh, badi baat looks like. That was your gyaan for the day folks! Until next time!