'Every business works on two basic things; demand and supply. In my business, the more people wanna blow their money, the happier I am to help'.

Let's face it. In the last 2 years, online streaming platforms have taken our country by a storm, so much so, that most people prefer watching shows online than on TV and I happen to be one of them. OTT (over the top) content platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hungama Play have come up with quality shows and interesting stories from time to time. One such story is that of Hungama Play's new show 'Bar Code'.

Set in the glamorous world of chic, uber-cool Mumbai nightclubs, 'Bar Code' is the story of two close friends, Sahil (Akshay Oberoi) and Vicky (Karan Wahi), who together establish Mumbai’s no. 1 nightclub, Vibe. But they drift apart because of an ego clash, with Vicky soon opening a rival nightclub called Rehab. The two try every trick in the book to destroy the other and in the process end up destroying everyone and everything in their vicinity, including their relationships with their girlfriends. With exuberant nightclubs, tinted windows and neon lights in the backdrop, while watching the show you'll feel like you're in a club and wish that the party never ends!

The show, for one, is a visual treat. The beautifully portrayed nightlife of Mumbai ensures a slick watching experience for all viewers. The icing on the cake though is the music. It complements the narrative well and unlike most movies or shows where background score remains...well, in the background, the score in Bar Code helps the show progress at a steady pace. The music and the visual appeal of the nightlife produce a psychedelic effect of sorts. Some of you might as well find the effects a bit trippy but that's the appeal of the show.  

Coming to the star cast, Karan Wahi and Akash Oberoi have given stellar performances, so much so, that one can feel the burning animosity between the two. The tremendous performances of these two actors give the show its charm. The performances by the leading actresses Simran Kaur Mundi and Parina Chopra as Rhea and Minaz, Sahil and Vicky’s love interests, though, give the show its soul!

The plot and the narrative are layered and have several nuances to them. While it is entertaining to watch Sahil and Vicky battle it out in the beautifully lit nightclubs, their fractured relationships with Rhea and Minaz give the show some depth. The dialogues and the screenplay have a certain amount of wit that only adds to the entertainment quotient.  

Without giving out any spoilers, be assured that there are plenty of twists in the show that keep one at the edge of the seat and the viewers can only guess what will go down next between Sahil and Vicky. Bar Code is everything that you'd want to watch over the weekend with your drink and munchies by your side. It's entertaining, interesting and it sure as hell will have you instantly hooked! Oh, and it will also give you a glimpse into the code required to run a successful nightclub, the #BarCode.

Bar Code is produced by Abhishek Pathak under the banner of Panorama Studios and is written and directed by Vignesh Shetty.

Bar Code is streaming now on Hungama Play. Check out the trailer below.