Sometimes, even the best of us don’t have much time.

There’s a meeting to attend. A looming conference call with an overseas client. Friends waiting at a bar. Your first cousin’s second wedding. That coveted dentist’s appointment. You need to get in a workout. There’s the newest season of GoT, of course. There’s also that long, majorly-overdue shower. 

Basically, life is a mess and our schedules are messier. 

Running between places, juggling hectic schedules and balancing work and personal lives, often, we end up feeling overwhelmed. Not to forget, tired, sleepy and bored. What we really want to do gets sidelined and what we rather not focus on becomes our focal point. 

Take for instance, sex. 

Rae Anne

When you first start dating someone, sex is the only thing on the mind. Every plan revolves around it, or, the possibility of having it. And then, after every day routine sets in and you’re no longer in your early days of romance, suddenly, sex isn’t so sexy anymore. 

Our sex lives are directly proportional to our schedules. The more we’re fucked by life, the less we’re being fucked in it. When you’ve got to wake up early for a meeting or to catch a flight, who has the time to get busy in the sack? A great session takes time, after all. And time is exactly what we don’t have. So out goes coitus; the only thing coming is your salary, right on schedule, at the end of the month. 

The problem, though, isn’t lack of time. The real problem is that we think it’s great sex only if it lasts a long, long time. When in reality, it’s just as fun, probably even more, when it’s quick! 


Unfortunately, in common sex parlance, a quickie is more a substitute than an actual act. 

Don’t have enough time for a full-throttle experience? Have a quickie instead. Don’t have a place? Use a secluded corner and get going. It’s exciting, yes, but somehow, a quickie is never given due credit. It’s mostly considered apt for the young, the ones who’re yet to fully discover sex and yet, have raging hormones working over time. The thrill of sneaking in a round behind dusty library shelves or dark, smelly cinema halls, remember? Our quickies are tucked away safely in our past, only to be remembered as a fond memory of our uncouth youth. 

However, there’s more to a quickie than meets the grind.

To begin with, mastering a quickie requires A-level skills. It isn’t the domain of premature ejaculators but of skilled penetrators instead. You have limited time and hence, there’s no scope for any struggle whatsoever. No wasting time trying to find the spot. No spending time trying to master moves. All body parts have to be in sync. From foreplay to fornication, everything has to happen fast. Yes, it puts you under loads of pressure. But then, a quickie is like an Ironman triathlon – if you come out a winner, you’re Milind Soman, no less!

And After

Moreover, a quickie is about perfection. 

There’s no scope for grand moves and you need to take smaller, more intimate steps. A finger there will make him go wild. A lick there will drive her crazy. You need to know what to use when. It’s all a masterstroke. Nothing more, nothing less. Every body part working in tandem. Caressing fingers. Rollicking tongues. Tickling toes. Pursing lips. You get the drift, right?

Also, a quickie has a certain excitement, a unique rush that’s hard to beat. You know you’re pressed for time and yet, you have got to get the job done. Imagine driving a swanky car on a smooth road. Yes, the drive is amazing but won’t it be better if you were racing towards an imaginary finish line, accelerating at full speed instead? 

Quickies aren’t as respected as they should be. For all practical purposes, they’re the true test of your skills. 

If you can make your partner climax in under few minutes, you’re well equipped to keep things long and short, as and when required. 

The only thing that’s always supposed to be long is the length of an orgasm. Everything else changes as per schedule.