In a perfect world, orgasms are the best things to have happened to any human being. And when you throw in multiple orgasms, well, there is absolutely nothing better than that, right?

Unfortunately for Dale Decker, orgasms became the bane of his existence. He used to experience 40 unwanted erections and 100 orgasms a day and none of it was pleasurable!

It was in 2012 that Decker suffered from a slipped disc that led to hypersensitivity around his pelvic area. As a result, he suffered 5 orgasms on the way to the hospital itself. 

Married and a father to two kids, Dereck was then diagnosed with an extremely rare condition, Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome (PGAS).

As a result, he suffered from ‘horrendous and painful’ orgasms at any time of the day, and he had absolutely no control over his bodily reactions. 

From bowing down to involuntary reactions during his father’s funeral to randomly falling on his knees in parks, Dale suffered it all!

Fear of public humiliation and a complete lack of control made it difficult for him to play an active role in the life of his kids, and made him fearful of stepping out of the house. 

However, after the initial ridicule that left him appalled at the lack of human empathy, he went on to speak openly about PGAS to raise awareness and in 2016, came out at as a transgender person.

Dale, who now goes by Christine Decker, declared that he was constantly fighting against his own natural desires.

Ever since his treatment, and open declaration, Decker has been taking female hormones that have helped with the condition, bringing down the number of daily orgasms to 8. 

Watch this video to better understand Decker’s condition:

Guess too much of anything is bad!