People go to a lot of unexplainable lengths in pursuit of sexual fulfillment. After a while, regular penis-in-vag sex doesn’t just cut it, which leads to a search for enhancement in the bedroom. And by enhancement, I mean sticking all kinds of weird shit into your dick and balls.

Oh jeez, here we go.

1. Pearling

Inserting beads into your penis to increase your partner’s pleasure.

Body modification enthusiasts make a slit and insert either a pearl or metal marble under the skin of the penis. This process is known as pearling, and practitioners believe it enhances pleasure for their partner by letting the penis cover more area. Don’t image search this, you’ve been warned.

It’s something like what’s on this guy’s arm. Except it’s on their penises.


2. Labia Stretching

Elongating the labia minora using weights.

This is a cultural practise in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, but is a part of body modification elsewhere. It involves elongating the labia minora through pulling or physical equipment, such as weights. It is believed to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners.


3. Clitoral Hood Reduction

A surgery to reduce the size of the clitoral hood.

This elective plastic surgery is done by reducing the size and the area of the clitoral hood in order to further expose the clitoris. It is thought to increase pleasure and improve the sexual functioning of a woman.


4. Penile subincision

Slitting the underside of the penis from the head to the base.

A largely traditional process for people like the Samoans or Indigenous Australians, it is also performed by people for personal sexual reasons. It involves vertically slitting the underside of the penis from the head to the base. The end product is a sort of splayed, bewinged penis with a high risk of STDs and difficulty while peeing.

5. Prince Albert Piercing

A piercing that goes through the head of the penis.

A Prince Albert is a genital piercing where a ring or curved barbell enters the penis near the frenulum (the underside of the penis that connects the shaft to the head) and comes out through the urethra (also known as your wee-hole). It supposedly enhances pleasure for both the man and his partner.


6. Silicone Penis Injections

Increases the length and girth of the penis to ridiculous levels.

This is meant to increase the size of your penis, but carries several health risks as well. Injecting silicone into your penis can make it bigger, which is something many men (and probably some women) desire.


7. Clitoral Hood Piercing

A piercing that apparently enhances stimulation.

These are placed vertically or horizontally. Both ways are said to enhance pleasure, and a study even found that piercings increase female sexual satisfaction and desire. It enhances the sensitivity and stimulation of the clitoris during sex.


We know one thing – these people have balls!